Thursday, June 17, 2010

I can finally call myself a Animation Ninja!! I made it through to the end!

I have had the most amazing experience these past 18 months learning animation at Animation Mentor!
There were a lot of sleepless nights, nervous tension waiting for my assignment to upload before the deadline, touch challenges, and have learned so much!

Thanks you Animation Mentor! Thanks to all the friends I have made, and thanks to the founders of Animation Mentor: Bobby Beck, Shawn Kelly and Carlos Baena.

My awesome mentors are: Derek Gladen, Chad Sellers, Kevin OHara, Nick Bruno, Boola Robello,
Jay Jackson and Sean Sexton.
All of these Mentors, along with all the lecturers work at all the large studios in the US. (ILM, Blue Sky, Disney Studios, Pixar, Dream Works, Digital Domain, just to name a few.)

I will be heading down to LA and San Francisco for Siggraph and my graduation this July. Should be a blast. I am looking forward to meeting everyone, and just being up close and personal with some of the most awesome animators in the world! Some day I hope to be joining them and as a professional animator.

This weekend I will be uploading a new version of my Demo Reel. Enjoy and do leave me a note. Now that I am finished, I will be checking my blog every day.


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