Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Yeah!!! Calss 5 at AM down in the books

I am very thrilled to be finished class 5 at Animation Mentor. It has been a really tough term, but an awesome one. I did my first two person dialogue animation, and it was really cool.

I will post my demo reel addition later on, and an updated AM one once I am totally finished at Animation Mentors this June.

Looking forward to graduation and Siggraph in California this Summer. Should be awesome!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Character Animation Demo Reel Version 1

Hi Everyone,
I thought I would post a copy of my character Animation demo reel for everyone to see. In the next three to four months I will be adding another shot to this, so please stay tuned.

I created all the animation. The character rigs were created by Animation Mentors. The model of the car in the first animation was from Creative Crash.
The Police light effect was done in After Effects CS3.

Thanks again for visiting.