Friday, August 20, 2010

Pictures from My California Trip

Hi everyone, here are a few pictures from my trip to California.
There are some of my classmates. We all graduated together, except for the girl in the last image on the right. She is a friend of Christina (middle bottom image).

At the top from left to right you have: Ronald Tang, Erin, Jay Svoboda and your one and only.
Next you have Leon Gittens (now working at Rhythm & Hughes).
The last picture is of Jason Behr, Christina Erdos and her friend.

Oficially a Character Animator!

Hi Everyone,
I just came back from a great trip to California where I attended Siggraph for the first time, and graduated from Animation Mentor with a diploma in Advanced Character Animation.

It was a great time. I got to meet a few of my mentors, class mates and all the wonderful people who work in the background at Animation Mentor. You are all great!!

I was fortunate to have won a autographed poster of How to Train your Dragon.
I also got a two sided poster from the Pixar booth at Siggraph, and also a lovely Renderman Walking Teapot.

I am looking forward to attending Siggraph next year in Vancouver. It should be a blast!!